Monitor My Media – Call Tracker

Never has it been more import to track and monitor your advertising! :-

  • Call Tracker – The core of the MMM system allowing you to track inbound responses from your advertising.

Allocates dedicated telephone numbers for individual media campaigns.

Monitors inbound calls.

Issues ‘missed call alerts’.

  • Call Record – Offers full recording and playback of all inbound calls.

Telephone recording system.

monitors inbound calls.

Provides call review & improved call management.

Identifies training needs.

  • Web Tracker – MMM for online advertising – bridges the gap between online and offline promotions.

A ‘dynamic’ telephone overlay system.

Monitors responses from web based ads.

Tracks banner ads, links and Adwords.

Compares telephone calls v expenditure.

  • SMS Tools – A full SMS suite offering “one to one” and “one to many” messaging and reporting.

Web based overview report of multiple MMM systems.

Compares media response/call handling.

Reports can be organised by media, by region and across agents/offices.

Instant reporting in real time.

  • Group Tools – For the multi location MMM user delivers macro reporting across all MMM systems.

A suite of SMS based communication tools.

Allows you to communicate with customers via MMM’s suite of SMS tools.

Gives you vital information ‘on the move’.

Instant missed call alerts.

Monitor My Media