Monitor My Media – About Us

With over ten years of specialist media experience; Monitor My Media (MMM) has brought its clients cost effective, money saving services in marketing, the web, graphic design and print. The company prides itself in helping businesses maintain a competitive advantage for 365 days of the year, through developing bespoke advertising campaigns that are continually tracked, ensuring its clients’ revenues continue to increase.

Our “real time” call tracking software is the market leader, helping us avise our clients on what media is working.

Our skilled designers know what type of advert works and more importanty where and when different types of advert will get the best return!

MMM understands that businesses need to keep costs down whilst maintaining a top Google page rank, guaranteeing a competitive advantage. Offering search engine optimization and pay per click services, MMM recognizes that money only goes so far and looks to organic optimization to achieve a high Google ranking if pay per click is not viable.

Corporate identity is also very important when making an impression on potential customers. MMM will help you with rebranding and will design your new company logo to suit your new brand. The team will create a fully optimized website for your business needs, and offer its expert knowledge on the best marketing campaign for you. Our experts can even help you to take advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology for marketing your product or service.

We deal with a cross section of media platforms including Google, Local Press, National Press, Yell, BT, Thomsons and Local Magazines.

For a no obligation quote please complete our online form or give our team a call on 01656 722 716

Monitor My Media